Custom Made Models

Cost effective turnkey solution for any modelling needs

Our automation technology goes beyond ready made Models. With our huge back catalogue of Industry Models and modelling assembly tools we can design world class financial models built exactly to your Specification at a very affordable cost.


How does it work?

Fill out the Request Form: the more information you provide the more cost effective we can be. We will review your specification and may ask for a few things to clarify. You will receive a final specification outline, delivery and cost estimates via email


If you are happy with our quote we will ask you pay 25% down payment and will proceed with putting your model together as soon as we get the payment. Once the model is built you will be notified via email and a full demo will be uploaded to your FinRobot account


Once you satisfy yourself that the demo’s structure and layout comply with the agreed specification we will ask you to make the final payment. Upon receipt of funds the full working model will be uploaded to your FinRobot account.



That’s it, no lengthy meetings, no PowerPoints, pure modelling delivered to you in a matter of days. As we aim to minimize human labour we are certain you would like the price too! Give us a try!


Other Options

If you are ready to assemble your own Model go to our Main Library

For testing new business ideas try our Tools